Early Keyboard Concerto Series

This series opened with the publication of the first piano reduction of Mozart’s Piano Concertos K.107 No1-3, and with J. C. Bach’s Six Concertos Op.1.

The series endeavours to:
Increase awareness of the treasure trove of masterworks written by early classical composers for the keyboard as a solo instrument by making available piano reductions and eventually performance material (score and parts) of the complete available Keyboard Concertos of J. C. Bach, C .P. E. Bach and J. C. F. Bach.

The concertos of these composers have been largely overlooked by pianists, teachers and students, in spite of their many excellent qualities which make them indispensable to younger pianists and those who wish to follow the development of the piano concerto from the earliest examples in the genre to the great masterworks of classical repertoire.
Although these concertos are perfectly suitable to be performed on the modern piano as well as the harpsichord and early fortepiano, they have until now been in the shadow of the later classical masterworks by Haydn and Mozart.

Remarkably, most of these concertos have until now, never been available in a reduction for two pianos – the only available editions being the prohibitively expensive and impractical full scores of the Collected Works editions – in some of which the music has not been typeset but printed from scores transcribed by hand, making the scores difficult to sight read.

Hopefully these publications will lead to their further popularisation as well as a broadening of the available concerto repertoire suitable for younger pianists.

About our piano reductions:

Our piano reductions are often the first reductions of these concertos, making these works available for the first time for teaching, private study, rehearsals, leisurely music-making and performance.

The guiding principle in the making of these orchestral reductions is to achieve a balance between an easily readable and comfortable, yet detailed accompaniment.

The text presented is an URTEXT as far as it is possible in the form of a piano reduction.

Although some awkward page turns are unavoidable, special care has been taken in the preparations of all our editions in the distribution of the text to facilitate page turns.

For upcoming publications and the approximate dates of their release, see the Coming soon page.