In September 2011, a large number of previously unpublished manuscripts of piano works of the Romantic period was discovered by Kirill Monorosi in the archive of the RNL in St.Petersburg, Russia.

Most notably, these manuscripts include over 200 pages by César Cui, one of the legendary group of composers known as the The Mighty Handful or the ‘Russian Five’, including his last compositions— Opp. 104–106—and thus the last works by a member of the ‘Russian Five’.

These newly discovered works will appear for the first time in La Folia Music Publications.
Included are:

Variations-Preludes Op. 104
15 Miniatures Op. 105 this opus is listed as lost in the Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians.
Petite Sonatine Op. 106
Piano pieces from the “Album” First compositions for the piano by César Cui.
Individual pieces (including works for piano four-hands and two pianos)